Episode #25 Secret Hacks to Growth Your LinkedIn Company Page

Episode 25 July 17, 2023 00:29:21
Episode #25 Secret Hacks to Growth Your LinkedIn Company Page
Coffee With Cush
Episode #25 Secret Hacks to Growth Your LinkedIn Company Page

Jul 17 2023 | 00:29:21


Show Notes

In this enlightening episode of the "Coffee With Cush" podcast, Aziz, the founder of Cush Digital, and Wahj, head of accounts, delve into some crucial strategies for growing your LinkedIn company page. Discussing their newly launched white paper, they share valuable insights from their extensive experience in helping clients grow their company pages across multiple verticals and geographies.

They highlight three key "secrets" to leveraging LinkedIn pages. Firstly, they emphasize utilizing your followers wisely, targeting specific contacts to send follow requests. Secondly, they promote the idea of engaging as your brand on a regular basis. Engaging with people increases the likelihood of the algorithm promoting your posts to them. Lastly, they discuss the untapped potential of LinkedIn influencer marketing. They suggest using brand ambassadors who can send follow requests, post, and comment on behalf of your brand, thereby reaching a more specific audience.

Aziz and Wahj also explain the intricacies of the LinkedIn algorithm, discussing how it differs from search engines and other social media platforms. They detail how the LinkedIn algorithm often revives older content based on recent engagement, creating an ongoing life cycle for posts.

Despite the numerical growth that these strategies can bring, they remind listeners that the true goal is not just massive follower numbers. For most brands, particularly in the B2B space, the goal is a smaller, more specific, engaged audience.

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